AMLO announces “urgent and categorical measures”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has just announced the “urgent and categorical application of the following measures”:

1. No worker will be dismissed, but there will be no increase in personnel.
2. The salary of senior public officials will be reduced to 25%, progressively; in other words, those who have more income will contribute more.
3. Senior public officials -from deputy director to president of the republic- will not receive bonuses or any other end-of-year benefits.
4. 75% of the budget available for general services, materials, and supplies will not be used, and this also includes what is supposed to be committed.
5. Ten sub-secretariats are canceled, but at the same time, employment at the same rank and with the same income is guaranteed to those who will leave those positions.
6. Half of the government offices must remain closed except for those that directly serve the public and those considered essential for the benefit of the people. An effort will be made to relocate public servants to stop renting buildings, vehicles, warehouses
7. Government actions and expenditures are postponed with the exception of the following programs: pension for the welfare of adults of the elderly, for people with disabilities, sowing life, support program for the welfare of children of working mothers, Benito Juarez welfare scholarships, construction of 100 public universities, the School is ours, Youth building the future, batches for welfare, welfare bank, free medical care and medicines, production for welfare, guarantee prices, distribution of fertilizers, support for fishermen, national guard, general Felipe Angeles airport, oil production, rehabilitation of the six existing refineries, construction of the Dos Bocas refinery, electric power generation with the modernization of plants, highways, labor roads, rural roads, highways under construction, Mexico City airport system, completion of the Mexico-Toluca intercity train, completion of dams and canals of Texcoco ecological lake, urban improvement program, national reconstruction program, Tren Maya, Guadalajara train, internet for all, development of the Tehuantepec Isthmus, northern border-free zone, Los Pinos cultural space, defense of human rights.
8. The Ministry of Finance will have the necessary resources to fully comply with the payment to States of payroll, pensions, and public debt.
9. The Ministry of Health, the National Guard, and the Ministries of the Navy and Defense shall receive exceptional treatment.
10. The Republican austerity law shall be strictly applied.
11. Efficiency, honesty, and austerity will allow us to increase the budget to ensure the armoring of priority programs and strategic works by 622,556 million pesos. At the same time, 3 million credits will be granted to the neediest population and the middle class. Two million new jobs will be created.
12. The price of fuel will not be increased, nor will new taxes be applied, nor will more debt be contracted.
13. These measures apply to the entire Federal Executive Branch. They will enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Gazette: today and will remain in force until December 31.

The Yucatan Times