A fire is registered at the archaeological site of Oxkintok, Yucatán (INAH)

Personnel from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), together with firefighters from the Ministry of Public Security and the Municipality of Maxcanú, attended the fire registered in the archaeological zone of Oxkintok, in the municipality of Maxcanú, Yucatán, which affected several monumental sets.

Archaeologist Luis Pantoja Díaz, concluded that the affected areas of the archaeological zone reached the Donato Dzul Group, located 500 meters northwest of the entrance. Likewise, the Cib, Chi, and Kumul groups were affected, the latter two with pyramidal foundations, which retain structures in good condition. The fire severely affected sections of the Dzib, May and Ah Canul archaeological groups.

In relation with the damage caused to this cultural heritage, the INAH Legal Department opened a file for damage, making the corresponding report to access institutional insurance and to compensate the damage to the archaeological zone of Oxkintok, in the municipality of Maxcanú.

INAH Yucatan reiterates that it will continue to work in favor of the conservation, restoration, and dissemination of cultural heritage in the state, and therefore invites citizens to report any possible damage to the archaeological and historical heritage of the state vi e-mail to eduardo_lopez @ inah. gob.mx, ventanilla.yucatan@inah.gob.mx; or to the phone number (999) 913 4034.

The Yucatan Times