MOTUL, YUCATAN (April 21, 2020).- The Mayor of Motul, Roger Aguilar Arroyo, announced a curfew after alleged cases of Covid-19 were reported in that municipality. The patients supposedly were taken to Merida hospitals.

Measures include not turning on the public lighting at parks and other public spaces, in order to discourage people from going out at night.

Likewise, the removal of the filters located at the checkpoints at the entrance to Motul was ordered, so as not to expose the Municipal Police officers.

In a message to the people, Aguilar Arroyo reported that there are two Motuleños who have already been transferred to hospitals in Mérida.

One person has already tested positive for Covid-19, and the other is under observation, and the results will be given in the next hours.

Approximately 30 more people are considered as “suspicious cases”, as they lived with or had direct contact with the two patients. They remain isolated and under observation by state health authorities.

The detection of these cases led to the closure of all the premises of a shopping center where the patients now hospitalized work.

Here are the measures that the mayor announced and that came into effect on Monday, April 20:

1) The removal of the checkpoints located at the entrances of the city, so as not to expose the Police Officers.

2) Starting today, the lights of the parks and public spaces throughout the municipality will not be turned on, to prevent people from visiting those places.

Therefore, people who have to leave their home for their purchases must do so before 6 p.m., and the curfew starts at 7 p.m. when all citizens must remain inside their houses.

3) The use of mouthguards will be obligatory for all citizens and, especially, for employees of all essential businesses that are still working.

4) All stores should be sanitized at opening, at noon and when closing, or if possible, disinfected constantly.

The Yucatan Times