US dollar price and exchange rate in banks for today, March 24, 2020


On Tuesday March 24th, the exchange rate for the US dollar is 25.12 pesos for sale and at 23.99 pesos for purchase, at exchange offices located at the “Benito Juárez” International Airport in Mexico City.

The exchange rate at the bank window is at 25.47 pesos for sale at BBVA México, while Banamex offers the dollar at 25.49 pesos and Banorte at 25.15 pesos.

Scotiabank is the financial institution in Mexico that offers the lowest exchange rate per US dollar, at 25.00 pesos for sale, according to

The Mexican peso has reached a new historical low due to concerns about the economic impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, which caused the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) to close with historical losses.

The euro was sold at the window for a maximum of 27.50 pesos and was purchased for up to 27.30 pesos. While the English pound was offered at 29.42 pesos and was purchased at 29.40 pesos.

The Yucatan Times