Tragedy in Metro Tacubaya confirmed by head of government Claudia Sheinbaum


16 of the 41 involved were taken to hospitals, but their injuries are not serious.

Ciudad De Mexico .-After it was announced that around 11:30 p.m., a collision between two trains occurred due to a possible failure in one of the convoys, the Metro Collective Transport System reported 41 people injured and one man dead due to the incident was shared.

She explained that of the 41 injured, 25 had to be treated for minor injuries and nervous breakdowns, without the need to be taken to the hospital. They were treated on the spot and then left for their destinations. A total of 17 people required hospital assistance, but one of them was able to leave of his own free will.

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The entrance gates to the station were closed by security guards to prevent people from entering the site of the accident. Various media reported that relatives of people in the cars were outside the station waiting for information from the authorities.

So far, the causes of the accident are unknown; however, it has been revealed that the two train drivers are among the injured.

The Yucatan Times