Things I’ve learned so far during the pandemic.

—About the world—

  1. The world is NOT prepared for a pandemic.
  2. China is a major world power that has failed to educate its people about their inadmissible tastes for exotic foods.
  3. The United States lost its world leadership the day Trump became its voice and redefined the concept of the “Ugly American”.
  4. Nature always finds a way to defend itself.
  5. Sickness and death do not believe in race, creed or social status.

—About Mexico (my country)—

  1. Mexico is still NOT ready nor prepared for this pandemic.
  2. We have found more leadership from the governors than from the president.
  3. Health care personnel are worth more than any tv personalities, soccer players and politicians. Yet, they are the ones less paid.
  4. We cannot continue to allow a healthcare system with scarcity and shortages.
  5. Money is not worth anything if there is no one to spend it. Yet AMLO and businessmen like Salinas Pliego (3rd richest man in Mexico) wants people to continue their normal lives despite the danger of this pandemic.
  6. Italy, Spain and the United States have shown that there is nothing worse than indifference to a risk situation. Mexico’s civil society has shown -so far- that prevention saves lives.
  7. Populism and stupidity go hand in hand. AMLO and Trump have made that quite clear.
  8. Health care workers have been abandoned by the government, but they are not alone nor forgotten. Civil society is grateful to them since spite of everything, they are there for us.
  9. Private interests far outweigh social interests.
  10. I have not seen a single politician go out and save lives from the coronavirus, but I have seen several try to take advantage of this disease for their political gain.

—In general—

  1. Humans are the true virus of the planet.
  2. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable regardless of their economic or social position. There is always someone willing to profit from people’s misery, pain and need. But, there are also many good, kind and generous people willing to help their fellow man.
  3. Children — and many adults, me included — don’t know what to do without the Internet.
  4. Social networks are a double-edged sword. They bring us closer and inform us, but they are also an ideal way for creating chaos and misinformation.
  5. In spite of it all, nature is so generous. I wish human beings were reciprocal.
  6. Those sportsmen, actors or tycoons who have earned millions of dollars but are unable to help others do not deserve the generosity or admiration of people.
  7. The pandemic should teach us all as a society and government, health and education should become our priority.
  8. Only the ignorant people blindly believe in their politicians. They give them the most, while they don’t even care, except when its time to vote.
  9. Since when toilet paper is more important than food?
  10. Every day I appreciate more the people I love and miss the closeness to others. I haven´t seen my mom in 2 weeks. I want to give her a kiss and a hug. I want to give my friends a good handshake and a hug. Yes… Latinos, we love to hug each other.
  11. I’m sure I still have a lot more to learn.


José E. Urioste Palomeque
For The Yucatan Times / Times Media Mexico
Marzo 27 de 2020
Mérida Yucatan, México