Suitcase with drugs found in Playa del Carmen bus terminal

via: infoqroo

PLAYA DEL CARMEN .-A suitcase containing drugs was secured in the vicinity of the bus terminal on 12th Street with avenues 20 and 25 in the downtown colony of Playa del Carmen.

Anti-narcotics operation

Agents from the Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Solidarity secured the suitcase during an operation of the Canine Unit.

It was announced that this was part of the surveillance and crime prevention actions, for the search and location of prohibited substances.


In the terminal, the canine officer “Kano” posed alertly when passing by an abandoned suitcase in the area of ascent and descent of passengers.

As he approached, the elements noticed that the suitcase was slightly open and some tape and plastic wrap showed through.

when they opened the suitcase they found bags that gave off a characteristic smell of marijuana.

Since no one claimed the suitcase, and in view of the possible occurrence of a crime, the officers made sure to check the interior. There were several bundles weighing approximately 26 kilos.

Therefore, the suitcase with drugs was secured and made available to the Attorney General’s Office.