Positive cases of coronavirus in Yucatan increase to 41

MÉRIDA.- The number of people sick with Covid-19 coronavirus keeps increasing in Yucatecan territory.

On March 29, 2020, the figure rose to 41 positive cases, two more than on Saturday when 39 cases were counted. As for the patients recovered, the number reached 20 in total.

In the report isued by the state health authorities, it was mentioned that so far there are 187 suspected cases reported, of which 41 turned out to be positive, 25 are still under study, and 121 have been discarded.

As for the 41 positive cases, it is worth mentioning that 20 are fully recovered, discharged and have no more symptoms or are susceptible to infecting anyone. 11 patients are isolated in their homes and constantly monitored by the Ministry of Health. And 10 more are in the hospital, completely isolated, and in serious but stable condition.

Another person who remains serious, but stable, is the Yucatecan woman who was diagnosed positive in Canada, according to authorities.

And on the other hand, teacher Ethel Trujillo from Mérida, who tested positive in Cusco, Peru; is still waiting to be repatriated to Mexico.

The age range of confirmed cases goes from 17 to 78 years of age.

The Yucatan Times

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