Patient dies after receiving contaminated medicine

Pemex Regional Hospital in Villahermosa

One person died, and 14 more ended in the hospital after receiving contaminated medicine at the Pemex Regional Hospital in Villahermosa

VILLAHERMOSA Tabasco (Times Media Mexico) – The current government just doesn’t get it right regarding the issue of medications in hospitals of the public sector.

One person died, and 14 more ended in the hospital as a result of contaminated medicines given to them during a hemodialysis process at the Petroleos Mexicanos Regional Hospital (Pemex) in Villahermosa. The company confirmed this in a press release. There are still two more people in serious condition.

During the weekend, patients and families of those affected reported that the management of the hospital did not provide them with clear information about what happened and that the place was in poor condition. They even complained about the lack of hygiene.

Through photographs, they showed that the hemodialysis area was leaking, so the staff placed buckets and cardboard to contain the water, in addition to the fact that the machines used for blood collection rarely have any maintenece.

After different media reported the case, Pemex issued a statement admitting one death and saying that two more people are in serious condition. It also blamed the supplier of the drug Heparin Sodium for delivering a batch infected with a bacteria.

PEMEX did not reveal the name of the company and said they notified the federal Health Secretariat and local health authorities, who ordered the withdrawal of the drug.

 “With this evidence, the necessary documentation was integrated to initiate the investigation against the supplier of the product and against those responsible,” the statement said.

Pemex Contradicted
Contrary to what was reported by Pemex, Nahum Dominguez Garcia, said that since last Thursday, about 25 patients went to the hospital to undergo hemodialysis. Still, surprisingly the next day, they returned because they all began to feel bad.

“We are relatives of hemodialysis patients from the Pemex clinic. Apparently, they all received a contaminated drug called “heparin”, and three patients have already died. My family member is in the hospital,” he said.

Despite this, Pemex reported only one death and explained that after the alert, a selective culture of catheters, hemodialysis machines, and supplies were disposed of as well as the medication.

After what happened, it was requested a sample of the medication lot C188E881 with a caducity date of 2021 for a culture of bacteria. The medication was acquired to a supplier on Wednesday 26 of February, finding that in the takings, there was bacterial development.

Finally, in the statement, Pemex limited itself to pointing out that “the company’s hospital authorities are taking all the appropriate actions to attend to the case, while specialized personnel are providing comprehensive support and information to the families of the affected people.


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