Mexico on Phase Two… What does that mean?

Mexico’s Federal Government decided to scale up to Phase 2 the massive measures for the population, with the aim of containing the cases of the new Covid-19 coronavirus.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, indicated that with the declaration of this stage the Mexican Health System will anticipate the arrival of Phase 3, which “is inevitable”.

“We’ve had a slow transmission process, but we’re about to reach a turning point where the contagion curve rises, in Mexico we have not yet reached the turning point and that is why we have a better opportunity to contain the contagion, this is the moment and that is why we want to declare phase two ”, declared López-Gatell.

  • The WHO estimates that Phase 2 occurs when infections are detected among people without having traveled abroad.
  • Do not greet with a kiss or hug.
  • Cancel classes.
  • Suspend massive events.
  • Close restaurants and bars.
  • Protect and care for older adults and other groups at higher risk.
  • Suspend classes throughout the national education system, from March 20 to April 19, 2020.
    Temporarily suspend events and meetings of 100 people or more.
  • Temporarily suspend work activities that involve the mobilization of people in all sectors of society.
  • Intensify basic prevention measures.

Designated supermarket times, restrictions on public transport and a shift in working hours could become the new norm in Mexico if the government’s new measures fail to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are now more than 360 cases of COVID-19 across the nation, and health experts say that figure could double in a matter of days.

The Yucatan Times