Mexico goes into phase 3 (Hugo López-Gatell)

Hugo Lopez-Gatell

Mexico’s entry into Phase 3 of Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable, however, the federal Health Secretariat ensures that the measures that have been taken so far, will minimize the impact of the outbreak in our country.

“Once the epidemic curve, which is the number of daily cases, increases, it will keep growig for a period of time, that is what is happening to Italy, Spain and other countries in Europe,” explained the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez.

“Let me be very clear, Phase 3 is going to take place, but the important thing is that with the measures of healthy distance and hygiene, if they are followed and implemented in a disciplined manner, as well as staying at home; instead of having an immense curve that exceeds our medical attention capacity, we are going to have a smaller curve, that will allow our Health system to look after the patients, and stop the virus spreading faster,” explained the official.

The Yucatan Times