Mauricio Vila visits the hospitals of Peto and Tekax to address concerns on Covid-19

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal held a meeting with medical personnel from two hospitals, the Community Hospital of Peto and Hospital General de Tekax, to listen to their main concerns and address their doubts about the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, so that they can continue to perform their work and ensure the well-being of the Yucatecan population in the face of this contingency.

During this meeting, Vila Dosal called on doctors and nurses to continue working hard and with responsibility to follow and promote preventive measures that protect the Yucatecan population in the presence of this disease in our state.

With complete opening, the health personnel of these hospitals were able to express their doubts and concerns, which were resolved by Vila Dosal and the head of the State Health Secretariat (SSY), Mauricio Sauri Vivas, who, at the same time, stressed that the communication channel is open to attend to them at all times.

Vila Dosal recalled that the State Government has taken preventive measures in the face of this health contingency to protect the health of Yucatecans, such as the installation of filters at access points to the state, airports and bus terminals, the suspension of classes at public and private schools, of all educational levels.

The Yucatan Times