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López-Gatell asks not to leave home, but there are millions of vulnerable workers.

by Yucatan Times
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The Ministry of Health indicated that in Mexico up to March 28th, 848 cases and 16 deaths have been confirmed by COVID-19

MEXICO CITY. (Times Media Mexico) – Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of health, announced at a press conference on Saturday the progress of cases from COVID-19, which so far has 848 cases and 16 deaths. He called to stop the infections by staying home; however, the government of Lopez Obrador does not give solutions to the millions of workers in vulnerable situations in the face of the pandemic.

“Mexico has its last chance to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The only way to reduce transmission today is to stay home massively, all of us, for a month.” The official said vehemently at the daily press conference where an updated report of COVID-19 infections and deaths is given.

The official considered that the isolation measures are not being taken seriously enough and said that the government hadn’t imposed a state of emergency, as happens in other countries. “We don’t want to get to that point because it would mean it’s too late.”

Perhaps Dr. Lopez-Gatell has already forgotten that until a few days ago, he and AMLO were telling people that they could make their lives normal. 

The situation is much more precarious than the health authorities, and López Obrador has wanted to portray. 

This is due to the structural crisis of the health system in Mexico and the unprotected exposure of workers in the informal sector, industry, and services. A time bomb in the face of the pandemic.

These millions of workers are the ones who cannot make a quarantine because there are no subsidies or economic stimuli. Many have what is known in Mexico as “simulation contracts,” that is, without legal benefits, starting with the state workers themselves. To this must be added the millions in the informal sector, who cannot leave their jobs, as it means losing the livelihood of their families. 

Those who are in an even more vulnerable situation today in Mexico are the health workers, to whom the authorities do not guarantee their safety through indispensable protective supplies in the face of this pandemic, starting with the tests for detecting the disease.

We are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis in Mexico and the world. 

Now more than ever, it is indispensable that the government of López Obrador guarantees massive testing for people who presents symptoms, as well as supplies to health workers who are in the front lines. Resources from the treasury have to be destined for the purchase of materials that are required to attend the pandemic, including those for protection and prevention.

The authorities must ensure that companies pay their workers in the private sector and that mass layoffs are prohibited, as indicated by the law. In Yucatan and other parts of the country, the governors have initiated support measures, but without the support of the federal government, there will be no other way.


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