Kidnapped couple rescued by police in Playa del Carmen


Municipal police participated in the rescue operation of a couple who were locked up in a hotel in Playa del Carmen and were able to detain a suspect who is now accused of kidnapping.

In an information card, it was revealed that agents of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Solidarity rescued a couple who said they were kidnapped in a hotel in Playa del Carmen’s Centro neighborhood.

It was indicated that while on a surveillance tour, the police noticed two people, a woman and a man, who were asking for help waving at the passing cars from a window.

As the police entered the premises, a man tried to run out of the place, but he was stopped by the police officers and place under custody.

Upon being recognized by the couple as the person who kept them deprived of their liberty, the subject was arrested and transferred to the State Attorney General’s Office for the corresponding legal procedures.

Suspect identified by the couple as the person who kept them deprived of their liberty (Photo:
The Yucatan Times



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