Italian nurse commits suicide after being infected with coronavirus

Nurse Daniela Trezzi, 34, took her own life after being diagnosed with coronavirus in Italy, after attending Covid-19 patients for a month and a half.

Health services around the world are experiencing one of the most catastrophic crises in history in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nurses, doctors, laboratory and hospital workers, are laboring long hours in hospitals overflowing with coronavirus patients, which in turn puts the lives of these health experts and their loved ones at risk.

Various videos have been released through the Internet that attest to the moment when doctors and nurses burst into tears at the catastrophic health situation that prevails in most hospitals in Italy, Spain, and other European countries; some of them show evident physical damage and now, the sad news of the suicide of a nurse has been released.

This information was confirmed through a statement from the National Federation of Nursing Professionals Ordinance (FNOPI), on its official website, where it is stated that nurse Daniela Trezzi, 34, took her own life after being diagnosed with coronavirus in Italy.

As a result of these exhaustive working hours, the woman was under extreme tiredness and intense stress, a situation that worsened when the symptoms of Covid-19 began in her.

The report also stated that the nurse’s colleagues perceived her stress, in addition to the fact that she confessed on several occasions that her greatest fear was getting infected, and infect someone else.

The Yucatan Times