Human skull found in San Juan, downtown Merida

A human skull was found this Sunday night by people walking in the Park of San Juan.

The incident took place on March 8th, around 7:20 p.m., on Calle 64 (between 67-A and 69), Parque de San Juan, when people walking in the park were startled by the sight of a skull on the ground.

The human skull was found on top of a flower bed, next to a bench, about ten meters away from the park’s fountain.

Thinking it was a joke, the pedestrians approached and found that it was a real human skull. They reported it immediately to the police.

Via: De Peso

It is not known who left the skull at the site, which at first sight could look old, so it will be analyzed by FGE forensic experts department.

There were those who said that the event was certain to be the work of some prankster, but it will be up to the authorities to find out if the human skull is several years old, and if it is the product of a criminal act.

The Yucatan Times