Queen bee breeding has produced good results;but low price and poor marketing lead to major challenges

MERIDA, Yucatan – The Secretary of Rural Development (Seder) reported that in the period 2018-2019 about 9,500 tons of honey were obtained in the state, but this year there are already almost 10,000 tons, which would exceed the first figure.

The harvest cycles start in November and end in June; this year an improvement in the beekeepers’ harvests has been reported and they believe that it will be much higher than the amount they had in previous years.

“Production has maintained, but we have to continue fighting against low prices and poor marketing, so with the department of that area we are working to promote it in other markets,” said the head of the unit, Jorge Diaz Loeza.

Overcoming the goal will be achieved through the queen bee reproduction centers that have given excellent results, producers could not change this type of species because they did not have the genetic material and much less was produced here, “being Yucatan one of the major producers of honey.

There are seven centers in total and three more are being built, in order to provide bees with better genetics, in order to increase the production of honey evry couple of years.

The Yucatan Times