Fonatur confirms definitive suspension of the Maya Train in Calakmul

The First District Judge in Campeche dictated the definitive suspension of the works of the Maya Train in Calakmul, Campeche.

According to Fonatur, the resolution allows them to continue with tenders and works in the rest of the project.

With this action, the First District Judge of the state of Campeche, Grissell Rodríguez Feble, confirms the criteria emanating from the Collegiate Circuit Court, promoted as a result of a complaint filed by Fonatur and the Legal Department of the Presidency of the Republic.

With the final suspension, the District Judge significantly reduces the scope of the previous provisional suspension. The previous suspension affected any work in the almost 1,500 kilometers of the route. Now, the judge limited the suspension only to new works in the geographical boundaries of the community of Xpujil, in the municipality of Calakmul, state of Campeche.

Image: Notimex

With the aim of safeguarding the rights of all inhabitants, Fonatur will continue the dialogue with the 19 people who filed the injunction (amparo).

This suspension will be in force during the time in which the injunction (amparo) trial is resolved, which is currently in the stage of presenting evidence.

Fonatur is confident that there are elements for them to win the trial. But it looks like the people of Xpujil are not willing to yield (unless the “price is right”, which is more likely to happen in the end).

The Yucatan Times