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Experts will meet in Mérida to discuss how to preserve Yucatecan parrots

by Yucatan Times
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On Saturday, March 14, 2020, the first table of analysis on the situation of the psittacids in Mexico will be held in Mérida, at a location still to be defined.

The event is organized by the civil association Proyecto Santa María, within the framework of the program “To the rescue of the Yucatecan Parrot” and is aimed at the entire scientific community, students, government institutions and civil associations.

The table will feature several talks by expert biologists, doctors, professors and invited speakers, starting at 9 am.

The program will begin with the two master conferences: “Truths and myths of the traffic of parrots in Mexico”, taught by Dr. Juan Carlos Cantú, as well as “Difficulties to conserve psittacids in Mexico and the example of the red guacayama”, with Dr. Patricia Escalante, from UNAM.

Talks about the generalities of the psittacids will also be taking place, for example, the situation of the parrot as a pet in Yucatan, introduced species and consequences, and habitat recovery as a strategy to increase the parrots’ population.

The table has the purpose of making proposals regarding wildlife protection laws, in its article 60 Bis amended in 2008, which proposed to prohibit the capture of 26 species of Mexican psittacids, but it is evident that this initiative has not been effective, according to the experts.

There will also be four talks to learn about conservation alternatives by experts from UNAM and various organizations. As well as the conference “A perspective from the Senate of the Republic”, given by Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín.

Proyecto Santa María will be responsible for finalizing the table with the conference: “Integral Program for the recovery of psittacides in captivity as a strategy for the reintroduction to their natural distribution areas”.

If you are interested in knowing the current situation of parrots in our state, you can confirm your attendance sending an email to: [email protected] (talks and conferences are in Spanish).

Join the initiative and support the conservation of Yucatecan parrots!

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