Due to pandemic, Yucatan mayors close access to their municipalities

As a preventive measure against coronavirus cases in Yucatan, some state councilors decided to prohibit the entry of tourists to their respective municipalities.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Given the confirmation of at least 19 positive cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Yucatan, the local authorities of many municipalities have decided to take extreme precautions to avoid possible infections, such as closing access to outsiders, and deploy permanent surveillance points in the main accesses.

The first report was in Motul, where as rumors of possible suspected cases of the disease spread, access to people outside the municipality was prohibited and people were forced to stay town if necessary; for this, agents of the municipal police keep watch over the entrances to the main roads.

Since last Friday March 20th, these access points were closed and sanitary filters were placed in different areas of the community. And it was reported that access to outsiders and visitors is still restricted to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the municipality of Tekit, the mayor José Armando Medina Cob, reported that among the prevention measures in the face of contingencies, a phone system was installed on all the streets of the municipality with prevention and hygiene measures.

He added that sanitary filters have been placed and people’s gatherings have been prohibited, in addition to that strategies have been implemented for the payments of the federal programs.

He said that instructions were issued for the police director to urge young people who are seen at sports fields or parks, to immediately retire to their homes, because “this is no vacation, it is a period of contingency in which people must remain isolated”.

“We are working hand in hand with business owners, travel agencies, spas, bars and restaurants, they agree that the main goal is to avoid infections and that we need to take care of each other during these hard times ”, Tekit mayor José Armando Medina Cob concluded.

The Yucatan Times