Despite Covid-19 fear, thousands of tourists gathered in Chichén Itzá on March 19th

On the last day it was still open to the public, thousands of tourists visited Chichen Itza despite Covid-19 threat.

Chichen Itza was crowded on its last day open to the public.

As we timely reported on The Yucatan Times, the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal made the decision to close the archaeological sites due to the contingency of the coronavirus in Yucatan, and thus prevent thousands of tourists from crowding together and spreading the virus during the spring equinox.

This measure responds to protocols for the prevention of new cases of coronavirus in Yucatan, however, one day after closing its doors, Chichén Itzá received around 3,000 tourists who gathered in the archaeological zone for the Spring Equinox.

As it is well known the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the world is due to the lack of social isolation and the high degree of contagion that characterizes this virus, which is why the decision was taken in Yucatan to close the archaeological zones, in order to prevent more infections during the spring equinox.

The Yucatan Times