On Tuesday, March 24, the lifeless body of a person in his 50s was found on the edge of the free federal highway, on the stretch between Libre Union and Yokdzonot. Apparently the man was an alleged indigent and customary drinker who usually walks that way.

According to data obtained, the subject used to walk on the highway, in a presumed state of drunkenness, according to Pisté taxi drivers who have seen him many times walking along the highway. However, the body has not yet been positively identified.

On Tuesday afternoon, some people who stopped on the side of the road in the Libre Union-Yokdzont section, at kilometer 95, noticed the lifeless body of a person, so they immediately notified the corresponding authorities.

Investigative Police officers from the Public Security Secretariat and the Prosecutor General’s Office arrived at the scene to corroborate the report. Upon arrival they found the lifeless body of a subject, about 15 meters into the brush on the side of the road. The body had no evidence of violence.

According to the report, the subject apparently entered the brush to urinate and died there on the spot. The probable causes could be heart attack, or alcoholic congestion, but this has not yet been confirmed, .

Subsequently, all the legal procedures for the removal of the corpse were carried out.

Until now the subject has not been identified, and the body remains in the Servicio Médico Forense Semefo.

Authorities appealed to the people of the region that in case they know something about the now deceased, please approach the Prosecutor’s Office to give details, because there seems to be nobody to identify the body.

The Yucatan Times