“Coronavirus does not survive more than 4 minutes in the heat” – Gúbio Soares

“The coronavirus does not survive more than 4 minutes in the heat
of the summer, the virus is weaker and more moderate” says one of the top authorities in virology, Brazilian Gúbio Soares

BRAZIL (Times Media Mexico) – Does climate play a role in the spread of the coronavirus? So far, it has infected 100,842 people worldwide, of whom 3,456 have died in 92 different countries.

One of the top authorities in virology, Brazilian Gúbio Soares, told the newspaper Correio that “it’s probable.” According to him, COVID-19 has occurred in countries that endure low temperatures, typical of the northern winter.

The expert has devised a device called the Real Timer, which reduced the time needed to diagnose the coronavirus from 48 to just three hours. “All cases of coronavirus will be monitored,” Soares said, expressing optimism.

“COVID-19 in younger people does not cause death, it will cause a severe flu. The danger is when you have a population, like in northern Italy, that is quite old. Then these people have a greater chance of dying, because they are elderly, the immune system does not defend”. Explains Gúbio Soares.

What are the conditions for the coronavirus not to reproduce?
“In winter, the virus remains more in the air, it dries up, because the virus is protected by the cold. If I want to keep the virus alive, I keep the environment cold in the freezer. When I take it out and leave it in the heat, it dies, it becomes dormant. The virus doesn’t survive more than four minutes in the heat. That’s why, in the summer, the virus is weak and moderate, making it difficult for the virus to spread”. Says the virus expert.

Can the civid-19 survive in the heat?
“No. The coronavirus will not be able to survive in the heat because it reaches the proteins that protect the genetic material of the virus. In short, when there is heat, the virus does not survive for long periods of time”. Gúbio Soares said: “I am more afraid of dengue and zika”.

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