Chetumal police acts effectively and rescues victim and arrests kidnappers in hours

Ther was a strong police deployment on Tuesday March 10, in the streets of Chetumal, after the apparent kidnapping of a person perpetrated by a group of criminals bearing long weapons, just outside the Coppel department store located between Corozal and Erick Paolo Martinez avenues.

According to preliminary information, the victim was abducted in a red VW Jetta, with Belizean license plates, which was followed by a taxi.

The incident initiated a car chase that ended up on Calle 4 de Marzo, where criminals took shelter inside a building and started shooting at the police, who did not repel the aggression because the area was busy with pedestrians and families.

Police and National Guard agents broke into one of the apartments, and found the victim and his captors.

One of the criminals who apparently attempted to flee aboard the taxi was arrested not far from the place where the kidnapping took place.

Unofficially, it was announced that four people were found in the apartment, which at the moment are protected by security elements.

The man who was kidnaped is known with the nichname of “Ojo de flan‘, and apparently this man is also under investigation.

The Yucatan Times