Celestún has officially become the first tourist port in Yucatan to isolate itself due to coronavirus

The municipality of Celestún officially announced that the main access to this tourist port of Yucatan will remain closed, that is, they will not allow tourists to enter, this as a prevention measure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was the mayor of Celestún, Yulma García, who announced on social networks that a sanitary filter will be installed starting Tuesday March, 17, that will not allow tourists to enter the port.

“Starting Tuesday, the sanitary filter will be implemented to restrict the entrance to the port. In case you are a vacationer, please don’t come to Celestún, because we will send you back home, ” said the mayor.

Yulma García also stressed that the port of Celestún is in temporary isolation until further notice, in order to avoid contagion of Covid-19 coronavirus, for which she asked for understanding.

With this announcement, the port of Celestún, located to the west of Yucatan, will stop receiving thousands of tourists, which will affect the economy of many people in that coastal town.

The measure has already given something to talk about, because service providers are complaining, since they will be the ones who most resent the isolation by the Covid-19, since they depend on tourism, as their only source of income.

Likewise, the Celestún City Council also asked citizens to take preventive measures by washing their hands with soap and water, in addition to the suspension of any social activity in the port.

With this news, Celestún has officially become the first tourist port in Yucatan to isolate itself, in order to really prevent the entry of tourists in and avoid Covid-19 infections.

The Yucatan Times