Canadian accused of femicide is released due to mishap

MERIDA, Yucatan – Despite the ruling by the Yucatan Psychiatric Hospital that 76-year-old Canadian Paul “N” may be subject to criminal proceedings for the murder of his wife, Merida’s Judge, Antonio Bonilla Castañeda, released him due to the poor integration of the investigation file.

As we reported, the Canadian was accused of murdering his wife and spending more than 16 hours with the body.

In a lengthy hearing held at Merida’s Center of Oral Justice, prosecutors reiterated the request for the Canadian to be brought to trial for the crime of femicide against his 86-year-old wife.

This case was suspended because the foreigner presented an anxiety attack and was turned over to the Psychiatric Hospital to have his mental health assessed.

In the end, the specialists at that hospital determined that the foreigner could be subject to prosecution.

In the debate, the defense of the Canadian exposed what they considered a series of irregularities committed in the integration of the investigation file, all attributable to the agents of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and the Public Ministry.

Among the oversights is the fact that the foreigner did not have a translator when he was questioned by the agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI), because although there was an officer with a low level of the language, he could not be considered an expert. Therefore, they said, the rights of the accused were violated.

In the end, Judge Antonio Bonilla, he decreed the evidence provided by the defense was more valuable, so he ordered the immediate release of the foreigner.

The Yucatan Times

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