Campeche strengthens action plan against Covid-19

While declaring in a permanent session of the State Council of Civil Protection, before the health contingency by COVID-19, Campeche Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González instructed the implementation of a series of measures for a social-productive, safe and consumer protection strategy.

Federal and municipal authorities agreed to strengthen the coordination work under the same agenda, that leads to keeping the population truthfully informed so that they are calm and do not generate psychosis or panic.

At a meeting held at the House of Governors, Aysa González recalled that since the beginning of March his government reinforced preventive work with eminently technical criteria, to reduce the spread of the disease and now, that they know the situation will become more critical in the coming weeks, a determination has been made to strengthen actions throughout the state, not only in the area of ​​health, but also in attention to social and productive needs.

For this reason, the head of the State Executive asked the Campechanos to be calm, because they are in the hands of expert people and the decisions are made from a technical (not the political) point of view.

In turn, Campeche State Secretary of Health, José Luis González Pinzón, specified that more than five thousand workers in the sector, are scattered throughout the state geography to take care of the population, and stated that, in order to perform diagnostic tests, laboratories need to be certified by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre).

In that sense, he emphasized the need to continue applying the corresponding preventive and sanitary measures already recommended; take special care of older adults and children under the age of five, while the agency continues to reinforce information actions and operations in airports, migrant crossing regions and on the stateline with Tabasco to the west, and Yucatan to the east, specifically in Bécal and the toll booth of Santa Adelaida.

The Yucatan Times