“Botarga” race on Paseo de Montejo

MÉRIDA, March 13, 2020.- Next Sunday, March 29, the First Great Race of Botargas (Mascots) will take place at the Paseo de Montejo Auction.

It is an altruistic event that seeks to collect supplies that will benefit the San Juan de Dios Oasis Hostel and the Independent Yucatecan Patitas.

The invitation is open to any group of people, schools, associations or companies that have a botarga and wish to participate.

In order to register, they only need to donate two kilos of food such as rice, beans, soup, milk, cleaning supplies such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, as well as two kilos of kibble for dogs or cats.

-The race begins with the starting flag.
-It will be 100 flat meters.
-Runners or companions may not obstruct the lanes of other runners.
-If any runner starts before the starting gun it will be false and the race will start again. After a second false start the runner will be disqualified.
-The runner finishes the race only after his trunk crosses the finish line.
-Mascots and costumes will feature a family theme.
-The appointment is at 8:30 am in the Remate del Paseo de Montejo, during the bike-route on Sunday, March 29.
-Groups, altruistic associations, schools or companies can participate.

If you want to participate, you can contact the Facebook page Touching Hearts in Yucatan (Tocando Corazones).

In addition, there will be different representative prizes.

Sign up, attend, have fun and support the cause!

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