Boris Johnson in self-isolation with coronavirus

The UK prime minister says he has mild symptoms and will continue to lead Covid-19 response

LONDON (Agencies) – Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus. Johnson revealed on a video, leaving him to work in isolation as the United Kingdom’s government battles to tackle the pandemic.

The prime minister, who is 55, said that he will self-isolate for seven days in his domice at 11 Downing Street after announcing that he had mild symptoms of a cough and temperature.

Johnson received the result at midnight, just hours after he was seen outside the door of No 10 clapping in support of NHS workers, alongside the chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

UK’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, also have tested positive for coronavirus. Hancock, the official responsible for the NHS, said he would self-isolate until next Thursday.

This contagion, becomes a matter of worry for many, since both men have been in repeated contact with senior political figures, including cabinet members, and advisers in the last few days. But despite the two men testing positive, no other ministers, nor the chief medical officer or chief scientific officer would be tested for the virus unless they showed symptoms.

It is unknown at this time, how Johnson contracted the virus but officials confirmed other people who worked in No 10 were self-isolating after having coronavirus symptoms.

Johnson posted a video on Friday morning on Twitter saying he had a temperature and a persistent cough. “I am working from home, I’m self-isolating, and that’s entirely the right thing to do,” he said.

In the video, which Johnson recorded himself on a mobile phone, he said: “Be in no doubt that I can continue thanks to the wizardry of modern technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fightback against coronavirus.”

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