Atypical Pneumonia as long as there is no confirmation of coronavirus: IMSS

CDMX (Times Media Mexico) – The director of Medical Benefits of the IMSS pointed out that the suspected cases will be taken as atypical Pneumonia until the confirmation of the coronavirus test (COVID-19).

Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of Medical Benefits of the IMSS, indicated that when a patient suffers from pneumonia due to something unknown or unclassified, it is considered atypical, so as long as there is no confirmation, it will be taken as such.

“It is not incorrect to classify it as atypical pneumonia until you have confirmation from the laboratory,” Borja said. “So if someone says they have an atypical pneumonia-like influenza, it’s the unidentified ones that are the causative agent,” he added.

Dr. Borja reminded reporters that serious and suspicious cases do get 100 percent attention. Which is false, since except for Jalisco, only a few state governments provide the test for COVID-19.

He also noted that there are five positive cases of coronavirus in health-care personnel.

The Yucatan Times