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AMLO lashed by own countrymen in Macuspana, Tabasco

by Yucatan Times
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Among screams, shouts and boos against the governor of Tabasco and the mayor of Macuspana, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that he would suspend his speech and called to avoid “politiquería” (whatever that means).

In the Dialogue with the Chontal People and the Urban Improvement Program, AMLO had to listen to the protests against Governor Adam López and Mayor Roberto Villalpando for alleged broken promises.

When he took the microphone, the president asked “Are you going to shout at me too?”

And just 5 minutes into his speech, the screaming and shouting started, he asked the population if they were going to continue claiming against the mayor. The answer was “Yes.”

AMLO said: “I was very happy to be here with you, but I will not be able to continue talking, because that is not possible, I do not want politiquería.

Again AMLO asked if they were going to listen to him and the people answered “Yes.”

However, at some point in his speech, AMLO started talking about how he fulfilled his campaign promise to condone debts with the CFE, and that was when the people of his hometown Macuspana split in two groups: one in favor, and the other against AMLO.

López Obrador told them: “In other parts of the country, people used to tell me “You are condoning debts with CFE in Tabasco, because you are from Tabasco“… so, we condoned the debts here, and now you, my own countrymen, tell me we did not”.

Then, as he had done in the past, AMLO put to “vote”, if he had fulfilled that promise or not. Half of the people raised their hands saying yes, and the other half raised their hands saying no, but López Obrador said that “more people said yes”.

“I assure you all, that we are going to transform Mexico, so I want you to think about that, not about politics, not about individualism, don’t be selfish, you have to love your neighbor,” AMLO said.

The president added: “The government must be at the service of the people.
“The lie is the devil, it is reactionary, conservative; while the truth is revolutionary. Past governments were not made to serve or benefit the people, they were just committees in the service of a “rapacious minority.”

“Those governments were made for looting, to steal from the people, that’s how it was structured, and now we are changing, so that the government is really at the service of the people and with the people,” he continued.

“Do not think this is an easy task, it’s not like making chipilin tamalitos.” AMLO concluded.

The Yucatan Times

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