Advantages of Using Feminized Seeds for Cannabis Cultivation 

Cultivation of cannabis has become immensely popular in recent years, particularly amongst the home growers. In fact, it is possible to produce high-quality strains at home in different varieties by following the correct methods.  Along with several other factors, seeds play an important role in growing cannabis at home. While there are different types of seeds for you to choose from, the most popular one is the feminized variety.  

Feminized seeds are specially bred cannabis seeds where the male chromosomes are eliminated to produce only female plants. It is true that the plant may be considered to be genetically modified, but the seeds remain completely natural because they are produced naturally via pollination. Compared to the male cannabis plant, a feminine cannabis plant produces considerably higher amounts of THC and CBD. 

Benefits of Using Feminized Seeds: 

The entire marijuana industry prefers female plants because of the many advantages offered by them. This, in turn, has created a high demand in the market for feminized seeds. You can find out more about different types of cannabis seeds and their pros and cons by going to i49.

  • The use of feminized seeds provides a guarantee for the growers as no plant will be male or hermaphroditic. It is true that the yield quality may suffer because of stress factors such as unreliable lighting, poor nutrient availability, and over-pruning. However, in general, the use of feminized seeds is a surefire way to save work, increase yield, clone freely, lose less crop, and get a higher value from the seeds. On the other hand, the use of male seeds may ruin a crop, if the plants are not detected quickly. For home growers with limited space, the use of use feminized seeds is an absolute must for producing higher yields.  
  • Some experts suggest that using non-feminized seeds creates an opportunity for the selection of the best plants. Unfortunately, for most growers, it is not possible to grow a certain number of plants and eliminate the males later after checking their sex. Moreover, the growth of the plants gets stunted by this method and less bud is produced in the long run.  If properly grown, feminized seeds provide the guarantee of producing large amounts of bud from each plant grown from the seed.   
  • It has been observed that while pruning a female plant, it may suddenly turn male. The plant that promised giant balls of buds get filled up with tiny balls of pollen. This risk can be reduced to a great extent by using a lower stress training method and feminized seeds. 
  • The use of female seeds also provides growers the freedom of making clones from their feminized plants. Male plants tend to grow more rigorously in the earlier stages, which makes them a natural choice for cloning. However, the male plants are first required to be sexed. Naturally, there is an inclination towards taking a trimming of the best early plants, but the selection of a male plant can slow down the growth and endanger the whole crop.
  • Also, the growers can better control the plant’s breeding while using feminized seeds. Therefore, growers have the guarantee of getting whatever they ordered rather than accepting whatever the dealer had to offer. 
  • Last but not the least; feminized seeds are great for anyone looking for better genetics of the yield. The genetics of the feminized seeds are carefully controlled by the breeders to bring out each strain’s defining characteristics. This allows more options to the consumers in terms of cannabinoids, aromas, and flavors. Increasing the genetic diversity of the plant also opens up its potential. With significantly better genetics, the plants will be more powerful, aromatic, attractive, and productive.