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7 Crazy ways of getting arrested in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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Planning a vacation in Mexico? Go ahead and enjoy. But read this article with care before you board your flight. Unless you want to get arrested while on vacation.

If you have young adult kids going for a Mexican vacation, alert them also. You don’t want to have to search for them in a Mexican prison!

We can help you if you are looking for someone in a Texas prison, you can check for an inmate here. We are not sure if something similar exists for Mexican prisons.

1. Drinking In Public Can Get You Arrested

Well, Mexico depends on tourism for revenues. So, in tourist-dominated spaces, the law enforcers tend to look away from what they consider mild crimes. Drinking in public is one of them.

It is as much a legal offense in Mexico as in the U.S. You may see white tourists passing by with open bottles of Corona beer in their hands and taking a swig now and then.

That must be in the tourist infested places where the Mexican police prefer looking the other way. Don’t assume that it will save you everywhere. It is best to avoid drinking in public while in Mexico.

2. Avoid Seeking Drugs

Every now and then someone might approach you, discreetly asking you if you want some narcotic. Remember to say an assertive no. Forget that picture of pot-smoking Mexicans you’ve nurtured in your head.

The country is serious about its narcotic prevention laws. The vendor who sells you the stuff is also the one who will most likely turn you in. They get rewarded for that. So, be aware.

3. Public Urination Is A Crime

Have you been thinking that Mexico is a backward country where you can relieve yourself wherever? You’re mistaken. Peeing in public is as much an offense there as in the U.S. If you can’t find a toilet nearby, hold it. An attempt to sneakily relieve yourself in some corner can get you arrested.

4. Using Abusive Words In Public Is An Offense

Yes, it is. And don’t think you can get away with using abusive English slangs loudly in a public place. Especially in a touristy hangout. There may well be people who understand some English and they will turn you in.

Muttering a swearword if you are particularly upset with something is fine. But don’t say it out loud. It’s an offense and the police can arrest you if they understand. Or if they suspect from the tone of your voice.

In case you have brushed up your Spanish for this Mexican vacation, you’re in double trouble.

5. Put Both Feet On The Pedals When Riding A Bike

It sounds crazy, and it is. Yet, this is the law. It’s an offense against the law in Mexico to take a foot off the pedals while riding a bicycle. So, be careful. Even when you wait at a red light, keep both your feet on the pedals. Don’t relax with one of them on the ground.

6. Don’t Crash A Rented Car That Has No Insurance Cover

Renting a car and driving around is certainly a great way to enjoy your vacation. There’s nothing illegal about it. However, make sure that you have the paperwork done properly and get the insurance papers.

In case you crash an uninsured rented car, you will end up being arrested. The car will be impounded. If you are in an inebriated state when you crash even an insured car, consider that the end of your vacation.

The insurance company will pay you nothing and you will end up in a Mexican prison.

7.  No means no

That is a universal rule and Mexico is no exception. Don’t mistake the warm and friendly nature of Mexican women to be a come ahead sign. Being friendly is not a signal to allow touching, groping, kissing or doing anything of the sort to them. Be very careful on this count.

To know more about some strange laws in Mexico, check out here and here.

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