2,500 migrants are stuck at a US-Mexico border camp

2,500 migrants are stuck at a US-Mexico border camp ‘ripe for mass infection.’ People are preparing for a potential coronavirus outbreak.

matamoros mexico border camp coronavirus
Migrants queue for water at a camp in Matamoros, Mexico on March 20, 2020. 

Thousands of migrants are stuck in limbo in a border camp in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, after President Donald Trump’s administration postponed all immigration hearings as a result of the coronavirus.

Humanitarian groups fear that the camp — which has no running water or electricity — is ill-equipped for a virus outbreak.

“If COVID-19 does come to our camp, the environment is ripe for mass infection and severe illness,” a coordinator at a medical nonprofit said, according to Quartz.

Mexico, which has recorded around 500 coronavirus cases already, has been criticized for not taking preventative measures seriously.

Scroll down to see what the camp looks like and how people there are preparing for a possible outbreak.

The decision of President Donald Trump’s administration to postpone all immigration hearings due to the coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of migrants outside the US border stuck in limbo.

An encampment in the eastern Mexican city of Matamoros, which shares a border with Texas, is home to some 2,500 of them.

Conditions at the camp are dire — it has no electricity and no running water, and humanitarian organizations are growing increasingly worried of a potential coronavirus outbreak. Tamaulipas state, where Matamoros is located, has two confirmed coronavirus cases so far.

At the Matamoros Tamaulipas camp, people are preparing for a possible outbreak.

Source: Business Insider