Yucatecan citizens march to “remember” repression of January 19 in Mérida

Photo: La Verdad

Pensioners and retirees protest against the cut on their benefits; and to demand justice. They wore t-shirts stating: “I survived Mauricio Vila’s repression on January 19, the day Yucatan was repressed, and we do not forget it”.

Marchan para “recordar” represión del 19 de enero en Yucatán
Marchan para “recordar” represión del 19 de enero en Yucatán (Photo: La Verdad)

A month after that dreadful day of repression at the hands of the state police with tear gas, teachers, pensioners and retirees of the Isstey returned to the streets of Mérida demanding justice.

Photo: La Verdad

Protesters still demand their benefits not to be cut by the state government.

Demonstrators do not forget the aggression with tear gas perpetrated against them on January 19, when the governor of Yucatan offered his first annual report.

Citizens are also protesting against the excessive increase in taxes.

As a way to remember the day of the attack in which children and elderly people were affected, on Tuesday February 19th, protesters expressed their rejection against any type of repression in Yucatan.

“We march wearing gas masks as a sign of protest against the government’s repression”, one of the demonstrators said.

The Yucatan Times

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