“We will not allow anything to be done that could harm the city” – Renan Barrera

MERIDA Yucatán. – Merida’s mayor Renan Barrera Concha, said that they will monitor everything related to the underground construction of the Mayan train for Merida, since, it is quite possible this may affect the city and its population

The mayor of Merida said that there will be a dialogue with the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) and the federal government so all the details of the work can be disclosured.

“We will not allow anything to be done that could harm the city. For the time being, we only know certain outlines, sketches (…) we already told Rogelio Jiménez Pons, from Fonatur; we want to know exactly what is planned to be done.” Explained Barrera Concha.

He also said that they expect the project for the area of La Plancha, in the center of Merida, to be respected in order to make a park, since tentatively, according to the Federation, the underground substation of the Tren Maya would be there.

Barrera Concha expressed that the proposal is interesting and important, but the city’s government is obliged to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the city and its people. He also said that nothing has been defined yet, only that FONATUR proposes to drill 6 meters deep and an extension of 4 kilometers.

The Yucatan Times

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