Valentine’s day-themed Yucatecan food goes viral

Heart shaped salbutes and panuchos, the most traditional Yucatecan meal, go viral on social networks.

CHOCHOLÁ Yucatán – There is no doubt that the inventiveness of Yucatan will make “Doña Vila’s” stand sell every last salbut this Valentine’s Day. Her daughter, Fabiola Coello, uploaded a photo through her personal facebook profile that is circulating on all social networks and has gone viral.

The photo is the most traditional of Yucatan’s food… some tasty salbutes in the shape of a heart that can only be found in the market of Chochola, in the food stand of ‘Doña Vila’, located in the center of that Yucatan municipality.

The food… a family legacy
We decided to look for more information about it and this food stand. We found out that it was left in the hands of Fabiola, Doña Vila’s daughter.

Valentine’s Day style food
Fabiola told us that the idea of the heart-shaped salbutes was something she came up with, last year for Valentine’s Day.

In addition to salbutes, the ‘Doña Vila‘ food stand offers panuchos, salbutes and empanadas every day, from Monday to Sunday, starting at 6 in the morning, however,’Doña Vila’s’ also offers a wide variety of “guisados” or stews, such as the delicious “mondongo”.

Among the other dishes you can enjoy every day are: chicken, fried eggs,en relleno negro con but… without a doubt a great variety of Yucatacan food for the most demanding of palates.

The Yucatan Times