Teacher accused of sexually abusing a girl in Mérida kindergarden

MÉRIDA, February 18, 2020.- After the meeting held on Feb. 17th, by parents of the “Mexico” kindergarten, located in Merida’s San José neighborhood, the school principal, Ileana Peraza, and teacher Javier C.L., have been suspended, and there are accusations sexual abuse against them.

The teacher was accused of sexually abusing a child, and the school principal is accused of not proceeding to inform the authorities.

According to the data collected, this would be the second complaint against this teacher, because in 2015 he was also denounced for a similar fact.

Segey took the case and suspended the teacher and the principal during the investigation process.

The parents protested that the teacher was being cover-up by the school principal, and asked the education authorities to ensure the safety of their children, and in case the suspect is found gulity, he must be put behind bars.

The Yucatan Times



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