Suspected case of Coronavirus in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

A person in the municipality of Ciudad Valles in San Luis Potosí is kept in isolation due to a suspected COVID-19 case. Currently, all the corresponding protocols for the medical care of the case are being implemented, as informed by Mónica Liliana Rangel Martínez, head of the state’s Health Services, who also revealed that the other two suspected cases have already been ruled out.

Rangel commented that these cases are related to work travels in which employees are sent for training in the Asian region, however, she said that there is special monitoring of the case registered in Ciudad Valles to dismiss any risk with base on the protocol that establishes 14 days in observation.

By late January, Mexico’s health authorities began to reinforce the prevention measures in face of an eventual coronavirus outbreak through the installation of the State Committee for Health Security in which the whole health sector in the state participates.

The Health Ministry insisted that the prevention measures are similar to those implemented during the influenza outbreak of some years ago, which include frequently cleaning your hands, avoiding greeting others with handshakes or kisses, using handkerchiefs or the inner part of the elbow when sneezing, avoid self-medication, avoid crowded places, and, in case of showing symptoms like coughing, high fever, you must immediately go to a health unit.

Source: El Universal

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