Successful debut of the “Tamalotón 2020”

Yucatecan tamales wrapped in banana leaves (Archive)

2,800 donated tamales were distributed among Tizimileños.

TIZIMIN – On Sunday Feb. 2nd, the first edition of the Tamalotón exceeded all expectations, collecting almost 3,000 tamales, which were distributed to the people who came to Tizimin Benito Juárez Park.

The event’s organizer, Luis Dario Bates Novelo, did not rule out that next year this celebration of Candlemas Day will be more widely publicized so that more people collaborate and support in order to help those who cannot make or buy their tamales on these dates.

When asked how the idea of organizing the “Tamalotón 2020” came about, Bates Novelo responded with emotion that on January 6, when the person in charge of measuring the Rosca de Reyes in the world fell into a dilemma to make known the exact measurements, expressed that those who have found one of the figurines, were obliged to give the tamales this February 2 as is the custom.

From there, he came up with the idea of organizing the collection and that the donations would go to people with limited resources.

He set a goal of collecting 2,000 tamales, which was amply surpassed.

From 9 a.m. people began to arrive at Juarez Park with bags or boxes full of tamales.

At the beginning of the registration process there were 1,800 tamales baked, strained or steamed, and in one hour the figure rose to 2,800.

This response from the citizens makes the organizer think that next year the number can be surpassed with more organization, so as not to forget that historic date (January 6th, 2020) when Tizimín obtained the Guinness Record for the world’ largest Rosca de Reyes.

At 10 a.m., the distribution began among the people who gathered at the Park.

Many looked for a comfortable place to sit and savor their tamale. Others took them home to share with the rest of the family.

Bates Novelo thanked the Tizimileños who joined this cause, because hundreds of people gladly collaborated to help those who could not afford this meal.

The Yucatan Times