Puerto Rican superstar Chayanne sends message in Mérida

One of the main events of the Mérida Carnival took place on Sunday Feb. 23rd, it was the the feature presentation of the pop star from Puerto Rico, Chayanne, who managed to gather more than 25 thousand attendees in the Montejo Hall of Ciudad Carnaval.

The singer and recording artist sent an important message to the people of Merida, he said. “Merida, I take you with me, I thank you for having invited me to these familiar parties … Please take care of the children, they are the ones who are going to continue with these traditions, with this gastronomy, they are the ones who are going to keep Merida the way it is now, take care of them, please, ” Chayanne asked vehemently.

“You are all very special to me, you have been with me throughout my whole artistic career, since I was 10 years old, we see each other, thank you very much, I see smiles, looks of love that I feel you all here in my heart, “he said, once again, provoking the screaming of the female audience.

The Yucatan Times



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