Popocatépetl registers volcanic explosion (VIDEO)

The activity at the Popocatépetl volcano remains high with a spectacular volcanic explosion occurring again at just after midnight on Tuesday Feb. 25th, showering the summit cone with incandescent lava bombs.

Some of the lava bombs, visible in the webcam screenshot, fell outside the frame border, meaning that they reached distances probably greater than 2 km. An ash plume rose vertically to estimated to 25,000 ft altitude.

A smaller explosion occurred again at 06:37 this morning.

Monitoring data confirm the elevated activity: During the past 2 weeks, CENAPRED has been recording between zero and 11 explosions per day, between 100-400 daily passive emissions of steam and ash, and high values of combined tremor duration between 200-525 minutes per day. This suggests that the flux of magma rising within the volcano is significant.