No more free breast cancer treatments

The agreement with Seguro Popular ended with its disappearance and an agreement with the federal government was not reached

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – After the disappearance of the Seguro Popular on Jan. 1, the Breast Cancer Foundation (Fucam) did not reach an agreement with the federal government to continue supporting women free of charge.

In a statement, the foundation said the agreement it had with Seguro Popular ended with the disappearance of the institution and they will not be able to provide care to women with breast cancer. Fucam reiterates its mission to seek the health of its patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

The foundation mentions that their resources were exhausted to continue financing the treatments while they reached an agreement with the Institute of Health for Welfare (Insabi), to continue with the free treatments. In a message to the community they mention that the experience and results they have had with their philanthropic work did not help to form an alliance with the government.

The Breast Cancer Foundation expressed that they will no longer be able to provide free care to people with scarce resources in the country, since they will stop providing free supplies and medicines. Patients who were classified with Seguro Popular will be given their medical records on the day of their appointment.

The treatments will continue in the federal hospitals, National Institute of Cancerology, Hospital Juarez and General Hospital of Mexico. Fucam will continue to provide specialized medical care with fees that support the socioeconomic condition of its patients.

The Yucatan Times