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Mexico opens the first wild animal hospital in all of Latin America

by Yucatan Times
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Photo: Fundación Invictus

Mexico has opened the first wild animal hospital, the only one in all Latin America, and the clinic also provides services to domestic species.

While Mexico is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to return wild animals to their natural habitat or take them to Zoos, the first hospital in Latin America made exclusively for rescuing wild animals has been created in Mexico.

Ericka Ortigoza Vázquez is the founder of the first hospital in Latin America that will provide tigers, deer, lions and other wild animals with all they need to alleviate their suffering and save their lives.

The hospital, which will help to rehabilitate even animals that have been mistreated or abandoned by circuses, is located in the state of Hidalgo, Central Mexico, in the city of Pachuca, Colonia El Huixmi.

At this moment, the activist has already rescued several species that were abandoned in wooden cages, several of which were in private homes or circuses.

The activist has already rescued 22 wild animals, and 5 domestic species. In total, she has already rescued 27 animals.

The activist has indicated that her hospital is not a zoo, but rather has the function of rehabilitating wild animals that, due to the mistreatment of humans while in captivity, have serious injuries such as fractures, malnutrition and other health conditions.

Wild animals: from hospital to freedom

Just as humans are hospitalized and then discharged, the admirable action of the activist, Ericka Ortigoza Vázquez, has the same function, because, after being cured or rehabilitated, these wild animals are taken to the Colorado sanctuary, located in the United States, where they can roam free.

Maintenance of the wild animal hospital

Thanks to the support of private and public hospitals, the wildlife hospital obtains what it needs to continue providing its services, and is better known as the Invictus Foundation.

Ericka Ortigoza Vazquez, said that several students of veterinary medicine, humanities and biology are joining this initiative, to make this hospital a reality.

At the moment, the Invictus Foundation has managed to release 137 wild cats, including tigers and lions, and right now, one of this “big cats” specimen is being rehabilitated at the Wild Animal Hospital.

The Yucatan Times

Photo: Fundación Invictus

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