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Merida mayor says: “No Park in La Plancha, no Tren Maya”

by Yucatan Times
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Mayor Renán Barrera confirmed that negotiations have begun with the representatives of the federal government, responsible for the construction of the peninsular train (aka Tren Maya) to discuss the possible construction of a passenger station in the Historic Center.

The mayor has established three basic conditions:

1) There will be no station, if there is no La Plancha Park.

2) Respect the conditions of shops and houses that will be on the tunnnel’s drilling line.

3) Avoid any negative impact to the Historic Center or Paseo de Montejo.

Renán Barrera explained that he met with the director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, to establish the days of the working tables where different municipal units will participate, and the topics that will be analyzed, because there is still uncertainty on many issues.

The municipal president established that, these working tables will be carried out on a weekly basis.

Renán Barrera stressed that there will be no passenger train station, if the construction of Parque La Plancha is not completed, on an area of ​​at least 7 hectares.

He also mentioned the probable damage that the construction of the tunnel could cause to Los Héroes Subdivision, and other properties close to La Plancha.

 In the same way, he said he considers that this project is positive for the commercial and tourism development of the city.

The mayor said that the population has to be aware of the impact that a construction work of this kind represents to the city of Merida. A four-kilometer long tunnel has never been built in Yucatan.

Barrera Concha pointed out that, as mayor and as a citizen, he has always defended the construction of La Plancha Park, and insisted it will be a specific condition.

He explained that the “La Plancha” train station will only be used for tourists, and cargo will be handled at another distribution point.

The planned route for the work of the possible tunnel will be in a straight line, as is the land railway that enters the city from the east to the railway station. The tunnel will be 8.5 meters deep (24 feet) and 15 meters in diameter 45 feet.

The mayor concluded that any intervention or change of plans in this project must be opportunely announced, so the municipal government and civil society can be properly informed on any matter that has to do with the construction of the tunnel.

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