Merida airport implements health protocol in response to risk of Coronavirus

MERIDA, Yucatan – “Merida’s International Airport is already applying a health protocol following the spread of the Covid-19 virus in several regions of the world, and the constant arrival of travellers from abroad”, confirmed the Southeast Airport Group (ASUR).

In the first month of this year alone, the number of visitors arriving by air to the city of Merida increased by 16.2 percent, and the number of visitors arriving to the “White City” from abroad, rose by 11.3 percent.

ASUR’s regional director, Héctor Navarrete Muñoz, reported that the airport is already applying a health protocol following the global outbreak of coronavirus.

He added that on instructions from federal health authorities, specific hygienic measures are applied to passengers, reception trays for materials and equipment used by travellers, sanitary areas and all points where users have greater contact.

The Asur executive said that the measures began several days ago, and they are being applied in both national and international arrival areas.

“The hygiene measures taken for Covid-19 will not be slacking”, he said, “especially since an upturn in international passenger arrivals is expected due to the Tianguis Turístico 2020, and the Semana Santa and Easter Week holidays.

Meanwhile, ASUR figures revealed that during the month of January 2020, the number of travelers that arrived to the local air terminal was of 247,592, 34,000 more than last year when 213,035 were registered.

The Yucatan Times