Man kills his own father with machete in Tekax, Yucatán

Tekax, Yucatan, February 22, 2020. – A man was murdered by his own with a machete in the municipality of Tekax.

This terrible event occurred on Friday Feb. 21, around 8 pm in property located in Tekax’s Colonia Solidaridad, where Lázaro P.A., 38, who was under the influence of alcohol, killed his own father.

According to Francisca P.A., 31, Lazaro’s sister, the man began to turn aggressive and threatened to burn a gas tank.

His father, identified as Jesus P., 62, intervened to try to calm him down, but his son took a machete and injured his father in arms and face.

The victim’s face was disfigured, and he lost his life almost instantly, as a result of the attack. Relatives of the victim immediately called 911, and in a matter of minutes, SSP police officers arrived onsite and arrested the aggressor.

The murderer was transferred to the Tekax prison, and he will be prosecuted for homicide in the first degree, and his legal status will be determined after the proceedings.

Tha Yucatan Times