Light rains for this Friday due to Frente Frio 38 in Yucatan

Rain is forecasted in Yucatan. (Photo:

Maximum temperatures will be between 26 and 30 degrees

MERIDA, Yucatán: This Friday, the 38th cold front will be located on the eastern side of the Yucatán Peninsula and the western side of the Caribbean Sea, causing partially cloudy to medium cloudy conditions with the probability of showers over Quintana Roo and southern Campeche, while in the north and northeast of the Yucatán it will be less intense.

North and northeast wind speeds of 15 to 25 kilometers per hour (km/h) and gusts of 50 km/h are expected in coastal areas.

Maximum temperatures of 26 to 30 degrees Celsius are expected for Yucatan, 27 to 31 degrees for Campeche and 25 to 29 degrees for Quintana Roo.


On Saturday, the Frente 38 will park over the Caribbean Sea during said day, bringing in clouds with a probability of light showers in central and southern Campeche and intervals of rain showers in northern and central Quintana Roo, as well as eastern, northeastern and north-central Yucatan.

Temperatures will range from cool to warm at dawn and in the afternoon the atmosphere will turn warm to hot with eastbound winds of 15 to 20 km/h and gusts of 40 km/h on the coasts.

Maximum temperatures will range from 29 to 33 degrees Celsius for Yucatan and Quintana Roo, and from 30 to 34 degrees for Campeche.

Minimums are expected to range from 14 to 18 degrees Celsius for Yucatan, 16 to 20 degrees for Campeche and 17 to 21 degrees for Quintana Roo.

The Yucatan Times

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