Juan Manuel Herrera Campos, Attorney General of the State of Campeche

Juan Manuel Herrera Campos, Attorney General of the State of Campeche, announced that Hilario Chi Cauich, who was arrested a few days ago for the kidnapping on January 11 of a child under 12 years of age, was already sentenced to 31 years of prison by mutual agreement between the parties, saving a long trial and renouncing to unnecessary deadlines for subsequent appeals or injunctions (amparos).

Unlike other states in Mexico, the crime of kidnapping is very rare in the state of Campeche, and that is why the authorities have decided to apply exemplary punishment to this criminal, so that this type of crime does not proliferate in a region characterized by being calm, safe and peaceful.

In the last four years, a total of 26 kidnappings have been registered in the state of Campeche, of which 30 people were rescued, three victims died in the middle of the crossfire during the rescue operation, 41 alleged kidnappers have been arrested in flagrancy and 28 more through arrest warrants. Fourteen of them ran away and are still fugitives.

2018 was the year that most kidnappings registered the State Prosecutor’s Office, with nine cases. 20 alleged kidnappers were arrested and one of them died during the rescue operation.

According to official information, from 2015 to October 2019, 26 kidnappings were registered in Campeche, and local authorities are still in search of 14 plagiarists who managed to escape, while 69 of them are under trial or imprisoned.

In 2016 there were seven abductions, in 2017 there were six, two in 2018, two in 2019, and now one in 2020.

The Yucatan Times