Income from international tourism in Mexico increased by 1.5%

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Mexico manages to increase 1.5% the income from international tourism, that only in December 2019 left an economic spill of more than 2.4 billion US dollars.

The above figure has represented the increase of 1.5 percent over the same period during the previous year (2018). Meanwhile, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) said that 94.8 percent, (2.1 billion US dollars), corresponded to international tourists, while 5.2 percent (114.2 million US dollars), corresponded to border tourism.

A total of 9,316,665 visitors arrived in Mexico during 2019, which meant an increase of 13.6 percent compared to 2018, according to the results of the International Travelers Survey, that were recently released.

Income from arrivals in international tourism

Only in December 2019, a total of 8,204,185 international tourists came to Mexico in the company of family and friends.

Of the visitors who arrived in Mexico, 75.9 percent arrived by air and 24.1 percent by land. INEGI said that of the international tourists who arrived by air had an average expenditure of $957.60 US dollars, which meant 2.1 percent higher, in comparison to 2018.

On the other hand, the economic spill left by international travelers was 950.9 million US dollars, which means an annual drop of 17 percent.

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